Joint Base Charleston

Base Overview

Joint Base Charleston is located in Charleston, NC. The base name was changed from Charleston AFB to Joint Base Charleston in 2010. The

C-17’s at Charleston AFB

Over 40 C-17s are assigned to Charleston AFB, making it one of the largest C-17 bases in the world.

History of Charleston AFB


Joint Base Charleston is one of 12 DoD Joint Bases and is host to over 60 DoD and Federal agencies. The 628th Air Base Wing delivers installation support to a total force of over 90,000 Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, civilians, dependents, and retirees across four installations including the Air Base and the Weapons Station. The base maintains $7.5 billion in base property and capital assets spanning 3 seaports, 2 civilian-military airfields, 39 miles of rail and 22 miles of coastline totaling almost 24,000 acres. A few unique programs include operation of 3 locomotives critical to moving crucial munitions, MRAPS, and tanks, as well as participation in the Global Threat Reduction Initiative. Joint Base Charleston also offers unique installation support missions including the harbor security patrol, the transportation isolation system (TIS), and the Cooper River dredging. The mission consists of 6 different focus areas: installation support, airlift & airdrop operations, training Naval nuclear operators, deployable logistics, multi-mission warfighter support and inter-agency cooperation.