Future of the C-17

Environment changes will demand more C-17s. By 2011, 115,000 soldiers will be returned to U.S. bases (85% of the Army will be based in the U.S.) The continued overseas drawdown will reduce critical airlift support infrastructure.

The addition of 92,000 personnel to the Army and Marine Corps changes the environment.

U.S. stationed forces and equipment will deploy as integral units and change the current environment.

More agile, lethal and expeditionary air-transportable units will be necessary, changing the current environment.

Sustainment sorties to support long-term GWOT commitments will be needed, changing the current environment.

AFRICOM, characterized by tyranny of distance, will require long-range airlifters with austere airfield capability.

The C-17 is ready to meet the challenges ahead.

(from boeing.com)